Environmental Services


Spill response and containment is a critical issue facing operators in most regions of the country. With the amount of activity around the well head involving fuels, chemicals, lubricants, and all other fluids, the task of ensuring compliance on a timely basis with environmental regulations is critical. Crescent can supply on-site spill response and containment supplies to satisfy this need.


Crescent has the technical experience, personnel and equipment to provide liner services to the oilfield industry. Whether it is to line under a drilling rig, frac pit or reserve pit, Crescent can handle any size job. Our liners come in 20, 30, 40 and even 60 mil with heat welded seams to ensure a seal. We trench and properly ditch all edges to firmly anchor the liner edges. Not only can we line them, we can build them. Ask us about our Construction Services!


Crescent Services provides Secondary Containment solutions for any oilfield application. Many operators are requiring vendors to provide containment underneath all equipment and Crescent has experience with this. Whether it is a large stimulation job and the entire location requires containment or an off-site pump & generator, Crescent can provide a solution. Our crews are experienced in installation, repairs and removal.

Our standard secondary containment package consists of 30 mil polyethylene liner that is heat welded with a 4″ perimeter to contain any spills but is suitable for truck traffic. Crescent has the capability to handle any size containment job.


Crescent Services offers Erosion Control services for well locations, lease roads, compressor stations and other oilfield locations. Our expert field management team will meet with your construction supervisors and recommend an Erosion Control Plan. Next, an experienced crew will install all Erosion Control measures to meet state and federal specifications. Finally, our Field Inspectors will provide monthly monitoring of all locations with written/photo documentation and monthly reporting.

  • Silt Fence
  • Curlex sediment logs
  • Rock Filters
  • Sediment Ponds
  • Seeding, Fertilizing & Matting
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Our cutting-edge, patent-pending offering, ENVIROEDGE, gives you the information you need to make the right decisions through every step of a frac in real time by allowing you to monitor flow rate, pit levels and frac tank levels. Our system saves time and money by giving you an overall picture of your water situation. This knowledge equates to reduced costs and increased efficiency, as well as increased safety and decreased environmental incidents.

Automatically generated e-mail reports deliver an easy to read status of any job right to a supervisor’s mobile device.

By using EnviroEdge generators to power your water wells, you reduce downtime, reduce the number of trips out to location and gain much needed comfort knowing you will have the water you need, when you need it.