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Never guess on a barrel count again. Combining the accuracy of 3D sonar scans with continuous depth measurements, The Level System provides 24/7 access to pond levels with accuracy that exceeds manual inspection; all while freeing a crew member’s time to do more productive work.

Impoundment Monitoring

Reusing grey water from initial stages of production is a cost effective resource during a play. By monitoring how much liquid is being pumped in and out as well as your on hand liquid levels, you protect yourself from costly leaks and potential negative environmental impact.

Generator Monitoring

Know your water. From evaporation to leaks to theft, water levels are in a constant state of change during a job. Our technology gives you 24/7 pinpoint accurate readings on the water situation in your pits.

Frac Monitoring

Make your water more reliable. EnviroEdge sensors give timely information about acid levels, water temperature and flow rate to a frac supervisor assuring there is enough water in the tanks to complete the stage and early provide alarms to prevent problems.

Pump Control & Monitoring

Eliminate frequent trips to the job site. Not only does our system deliver 24 hour real-time information on fuel levels, flow rate, total volume pumped, excessive engine temperature, oil pressure and engine faults it has the ability to turn the equipment on and off remotely.

Know Your Resources

Water is one of the most important resources in oil and natural gas production today. Proper management of water equates to savings in both time and money.The EnviroEdge monitoring system offers a real-time, 360-degree view of your water situation, allowing for maximum profitability.