Leadership in
Water Management.

Leadership in<br /> Water Management.

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Crescent services was founded in 2006 to address the demand for end-to-end water management services to the oilfield. Crescent has grown to over 600 employees with locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, Louisiana, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming, with plans to expand to other states. Our corporate headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

As an end-to-end water management company, we cover everything from sourcing and transfer to recycling and disposal. Along the way, we are able to measure, track and account for every drop through our EnviroEdge reporting tool ensuring maximum efficiency. This is a proven combination of assets for our customers and has greatly increased their bottom lines.

Our ownership and management understand what issues are facing operators in the current market and we tailor our services to assist operators to achieve maximum success while respecting the environment.

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Our cutting-edge, patent-pending offering, ENVIROEDGE, gives you the information you need to make the right decisions through every step of a frac in real time by allowing you to monitor flow rate, pit levels and frac tank levels. Our system saves time and money by giving you an overall picture of your water situation. This knowledge equates to reduced costs and increased efficiency, as well as increased safety and decreased environmental incidents.

Automatically generated e-mail reports deliver an easy to read status of any job right to a supervisor’s mobile device.

By using EnviroEdge generators to power your water wells, you reduce downtime, reduce the number of trips out to location and gain much needed comfort knowing you will have the water you need, when you need it.